From The Archives: Finland Pt 2

The following is part 2 of our series on the 1950 Publication HYVÄ SANOMA (Good Tidings), originally written in Finnish and now translated into English. THROUGH SUFFERING “We have not a continuing city here, but we’re in a search of the future.” On Sunday April the 23rd, William Branham came without a notice to the […]

From The Archives: Finland Pt 1

We found another treasure for the Bride of Christ! The following is part one of an eight-part series of testimonies about Brother Branham’s 1950 visit to Finland. The testimony was published in a 1950 Pentecostal magazine named HYVÄ SANOMA (Good Tidings). It was originally written in Finnish, and we translated it into English. William Branham […]

The Monster

That great monster laying up yonder, that flipped hisself over in Alaska, a few days ago, threw its tail up again this morning, along about, down around in Washington. He could head this way, mighty easy. 65-0429e – “The Choosing Of A Bride” Los Angeles, California 1964 The “great monster” Brother Branham was referring to […]

From The Archives: I Attend Another Branham Meeting

The following is an article written in The Herald of Faith Magazine, February 1959. BY LEN J. JONES The first Branham meeting that I attended was in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, eight years ago. The second Branham meeting was at Shreveport, Louisiana, four years ago. I wrote about this in “The Evidence.” Few articles that […]

“Vicar Of Christ”

The pope arrived yesterday afternoon as scheduled, and is today meeting with President Obama. There will be a welcoming ceremony this morning, with 11,000 people gathered on the White House lawn. Keeping to the standards of the modern world and prophecy (Luke 17:29-30), President Obama has taken the opportunity to invite a few well-known gay-rights […]

Feast Of Tabernacles

Let’s go to Leviticus, back in the 23rd chapter of Leviticus. Now I want you to notice in Leviticus, where we was at last Sunday, or last…This is what give me the idea, right here. The 23rd chapter of Leviticus, and the 26th verse. Now remember, there is seven feast days. The feast of trumpets, […]

Brother Pearry Green

We pray that You’ll give us a great outpouring of the Spirit. Bless us together. Bless every church, every member. And, Lord, especially bless our dear young brother here, Brother Pearry Green, walks out in the forefront to try to put forth This. May the people of—of this lovely city see the—the feeling that this […]

William Marrion Branham – 106 years

It was 106 years ago today that the Angel of the Lord visited a poor, humble family in the hills of Kentucky. The Supernatural Light came from the Presence of God and rested over a newborn baby. That marked the beginning of a life that would change the world and bring a Message that would […]

Blood Moon

And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come. Joel 2:30-31 This weekend’s (Saturday, April 4th) “blood moon” marks the third in a […]

Blood Moons

We’ve heard a lot about the series of “blood moons” that will be happening over the next year and a half. But what exactly is a blood moon? Scientifically speaking, a blood moon is a total eclipse of the moon. This happens when the moon passes into the shadow of the earth so the sun’s […]