I Visited A Branham Meeting, Part 2

Below is part 2 of the eye-witness testimony of Rev. Len Jones.

SO MANY WERE WEEPING. Surely we were seeing strange things – things that we had often read about in the Scriptures, but which we never thought we would ever be privileged to see.

The second person that stood before Brother Branham was also a woman. He told her that she was a Christian and that she had an ulcer on her leg near her foot. I looked down and saw that the foot was bandaged, but Branham never saw that. He was completely lost in God. Later he told me the man has five senses, but there is also a sixth sense, and that is exactly the realm that he lives in at such a time as that. I believe it. He can hear himself speaking but his voice seems a long way away.

Now don’t tell me that this is spiritualism, fake or some evil power. It just isn’t! Begone with such a thought! This is none other than the power of God – the God of the Bible which is His inspired Word and our guide and rule of conduct in everything. Such a thought other than that would not enter your head either, if you were there and a witness of such a service. As a matter of fact Brother Branham spoke at length on the evil, and the false, and the counterfeit, and the real – the power of God and the power of the devil. After such a meeting we can well understand the Pharisees saying to Jesus, “He casteth out devils by Beelzebub the prince of the devils.” I am not a boy carried “away with the flush of a new enthusiasm.” If I don’t know something now at the age of 53, having been 30 years in the Christian ministry in something like 40 different countries, I never will know anything. This thing was real. This thing was God! This thing was Bible, and you would be the first to acknowledge it, too, if you had been there.

He stopped and waited and looked around as something was revealed to him. We could see something was happening, but we could not see what he was seeing. Then he turned to the congregation and said, “Right over there” and he pointed in a certain direction, “There is a man with a cancer. He hasn’t a prayer card and is sitting in the congregation. Alongside him is his wife who is blind, and on the other side of him is his daughter who is suffering with epilepsy.” Then he told the man to put his arms around both his wife and his daughter, and he would pray for them. Later I saw the three of them going into the prayer room to give their lives to the Lord. We know the Scripture “Perceiving he had faith to be healed,” but this man practices it. The great crowd went mad with excitement, emotion and tension. All that Branham did was to quietly say through the microphone, “Have faith in God.”

After the meeting Brother Branham, who is so very approachable as regards to all such matters and is so transparent and anxious to explain and tell you all he knows, for his life is to talk about such things, he told me that he sees a light hovering over different people, and at the same time it is revealed to him all the circumstances of their lives. Many, many times he sees the sin in people’s lives, and quietly tells them what they have done and that they are to put it right either by confession or restitution.

One by one, fifteen people stood before him. In every case he told them what was wrong with them and things pertaining to their past life. Every now and again he would stop and look toward the congregation, pointing out someone and telling them what was wrong with them. He always spoke with authority. He never made one mistake! I am told that he never does! Not while the anointing of God is upon him!

To one person he said, “You are nervous. You also have bladder trouble and something wrong with your chest.” To another he said, “You have a heart condition which is getting worse. You come from Fort Worth, Texas. You are also concerned about a little boy that has a navel condition.” To another he said, “You have had trouble because of an operation” and to still another, “You have some back trouble, raise your hands, praise God, and go away whole.”

There was no hesitation about anything. It was never “Have you?” but always “You have.” It was a voice of authority always, with the great crowd of people weeping and wiping away their tears and saying like those of old, “We have never seen it in this fashion before” and “We have seen strange things today.”

We will post the conclusion of the article, with more discernment and Brother Jones’ own opinion of the meetings, in the days to come.

Source: Voice of God Recordings

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