I Visited A Branham Meeting, Part 3

The following is the conclusion of the testimony from the Australian minister, Len Jones.

We could continue telling of so many instances as he looked again toward the congregation saying to one woman, “You have had blood poisoning” and to another, “You are nervous and have stomach trouble” and to still another, “You will never have to be operated on for that tumor,” always producing the same effect, but perhaps that is enough.

One woman just screamed as he told her what was wrong, but it was a scream of deliverance and not of fear. The abandonment of the meeting was not confusion but all beautifully in order. I have never seen anything like it. God was in that place that night. I never expect to see anything like it again, although I hope so.

When Brother Branham finished praying and left the platform, Rev. Gordon Lindsay of “The Voice of Healing” took over the meeting, and made the appeal for the unconverted and others to get right with God. Afterwards he told me it was so easy to make that appeal. Hands were raised everywhere, and a great crowd thronged to the enquiry room to surrender to the Lord without any urging or begging whatsoever. Why, that was what we all felt like. To get right with God and surrender our all to Him seemed to be the only thing to do after such a meeting as that.

The people just stayed on and on – nobody wanted to go home. I believe it was Dr. Bob Cook, International President of Youth for Christ, who, when asked to compare Billy Graham with Brother Branham said, “Billy puts me in mind of John the Baptist and Brother Branham puts me in mind of Jesus.” And that is no reflection on Billy Graham who is doing such a wonderful work for God these days. It is just that they are two different men with two different ministries.

Prominent men of all walks of life confer with Brother Branham and he numbers so many among his friends. So many have been helped by him. Men of all denominations look to him, for he is not a denominational man. Men like the present Anglican Archbishop in India, Dr. E. Stanley Jones, and Kenneth De Courcey of “Intelligence Digest” were just a few of the prominent names that were mentioned in our talk together.

When the meeting was over, a further treat was in store as we met Brother Branham personally. Rev. Jack Moore, minister of Life Tabernacle, Shreveport, Louisiana; Gordon Lindsay, Editor of “The Voice of Healing”; Brother Branham and myself had a further time together as we had something to eat and a time of fellowship at the restaurant and in Brother Moore’s car.

The last thing that Brother Branham did before we separated was to say as we sat in Brother Moore’s car, “Let us have a word of prayer together,” when he prayed for each of us in turn. He then left us as he said goodnight, so much better off for our contact with this man of God.

Rev. Len Jones

Pentecostal Minister, Australia

Written in 1954

Source: Voice of God Recordings

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