November 00, 1947
Phoenix – Arizona – U. S. A.

1 At this time we’re going to have a trumpet solo by my good friend, Brother F. F. Bosworth: Brother Bosworth.

[Brother Bosworth gives a solo]

My, that was very fine, Brother Bosworth. We certainly appreciated that. And I wonder, while you’re kind of tuning up there, if we could have a little chorus of “Down At The Cross.” It’s kind of a favorite to me. I wonder if you would play it. All right, Brother Bosworth.

[Brother Bosworth plays “Down At The Cross.”]

My, that sound like old revival times, a long time ago. Say, we’re really enjoying ourself here in this little visit here with Brother and Sister McAnally tonight. I wonder, Brother Hooper, if you’ve got a word you’d just like to say something in the microphone now. [Brother Hooper says a few words]

Yes, sir. Brother McAnally is next to the best hog hunter in the country. He’s the best when I’m gone.

All right. I want to have a word from the wife here. All right, honey, what you going to say?

[Sister Meda Branham says, “I’m Certainly glad for the privilege I have of being in Arizona, and glad for the privilege I have to meet friends like Brother and Sister McAnally.”]

Brother Bosworth, what do you think about Arizona and these people here?

[Brother Bosworth says a few words]

[Brother McAnally comments on hog hunting]

[Brother Bosworth gives another solo. Blank.spot.on.tape]

Brother Mac, everything that you done for us since we been down here on this trip. And I trust to Almighty God that someday, we can be back together again. God bless you, brother. I’ve always wanted to hear your wife’s voice. Sister McAnally, may I be many miles away, but when you play this, think of me.

[Sister McAnally says a few words]

Okay, well thanks, Sister McAnally. That was very, very fine. Oh, she’s just a little timid woman. I kinda like that though. Brother Bosworth, you got another one on that old trumpet there? We just—we just like to hear another one for Brother Mac and them. God bless you, brother. All right, Brother Bosworth.

[Brother Bosworth gives another solo]

Fine, Brother Bosworth. Thanks a whole lot. Brother Hooper, you got another word to say? Nothing to say? Honey, oh, my. Mac, tell us something right quick over this microphone, will you?

[Brother McAnally says a few more words about hunting]

Okay, fine. You want a word to say, Brother Bosworth? Say something else.

[Brother Bosworth speaks for a minute and a half]