November 23, 1947
Phoenix – Arizona – U. S. A.

1 …?… Thousands and thousands of people have been attending. And each night, we’ve had to turn some away. The armory and building… Anywhere from three to five thousand people away from the—from the services… And the Lord has been opening the eyes of blind, and deaf, and the dumb, and the lame. And it’s glorious and I got up there last week…?…

I was one day late after being here at Phoenix, layover. So took me back down here and said that… If it’d be possible for me to get down here this week, wasn’t going to let me come down. So we just headed out till that, till I got back again.

2 I started Friday or Saturday morning. I was supposed to be here last night, and I just got in about a little bit ago. And so, eighteen hours layover. And I didn’t get through till just a few moments ago. And I haven’t slept any since night before last. So I’m pretty tired. And supposed to be so many. And night before last, I prayed for almost three thousand people, just alone in one night. So anybody imagine how tired.

But it’s always good to get to Phoenix. I tell you; there’s something about this place that I really like. The other day, I had just a few moments with some of the brothers to run up on the mountain and look down. Up… Out from the place where I’m staying. And I went up there and looked down; I thought, “Oh, how heavenly, how…” You people are blessed with a wonderful city here. And I think it’s the most simple place that I know of, the most heavenly looking place. The trouble of it is, we just don’t appreciate it enough. That’s right. This world’s a wonderful place that God has give us, if we can just take care of it. See? But we don’t do that.

3 So now, this is our… This is our fourth Sunday, isn’t it? We have four more Sundays. And this was the Sunday that I gave away, if the Lord willing, to have nothing but miracles for this Sunday, if the Lord’s willing. Just not for the masses of people, but just to bring up those that are afflicted and crippled, that they might be healed here visibly before this audience.

That’s an awful thing to do. You know that? I—I feel that I do wrong by saying that. No, it’s not right in the first place to do it. But I just… It’s not even… My gift is not miracles. My gift is to pray for the sick and the afflicted. It’s healing, and not miracles. I’m awfully sorry that I ever did decide to perform a miracle before anyone; I am.

4 And when the Angel of the Lord spoke to me, last time speaking… By the way, night before last, I seen Him again in the room for the first time for about six months. And… But He never spoke to me. He was just standing by the door looking at me when I turned around. Kinda quickly, I fell on my face. But when I raised up, He was gone again. So…

But the last time He spoke with me, He told me what I have been… told you last week. At Vandalia, Illinois, why, He told me I was confining too much of the work to working miracles. And it would come to pass that people would not believe me unless there was miracles performed. And that is true. It’s got that way. People don’t feel like they’re prayed for…

5 Last week, I had a very strange thing… By the way, many of you come to the rescue up there in Oregon. I just… We’re all Christians, and we like to hear good reports, don’t we? And I was up there with Reverend Gordon Lindsay. And all the churches cooperating together, everything, even to the Baptists and all… And many of the leading doctors of the state came out and the governor. And the Lord had given me grace before the people. And it was certainly wonderful and glorious meeting that we was having. And many many thousands of people…

I believe it’s the best of attendance we’ve had since Canada. Of course, Canada was the best meeting we’ve ever had, was up in the—among the Canadian people. And how that the Lord worked among them. And we… One meeting had near thirty-five thousand people in—in the services. They could not even hold them in the fair grounds. We had to take them over in the big stampede halls and things to take care of them. And the dear Lord worked with them wonderfully, and mighty miracles were performed.

6 Being that I’m going speak just for a few moments. I wish to take just a few more moments of time to make a mention about the—the miracles. A miracle… It’s—it’s written in the Bible that…

And I trust that many of you will understand the position that I’m trying to take this afternoon. You know the reason I done this? And God knows that I tremble at the very thoughts of this afternoon’s service. That’s right. ‘Cause I look setting here before me: crippled, blind, afflicted, and twisted, and drawn. And me to come tell you what I’m—I’m telling you.

Now, remember, the first place, this Sunday, I gave this a way the… And I trust that God will not hold it against me. And did you notice, the platform, even around me. I had them to have ever… []… through the audience. And my friends, I’m just hoping you’ll give me your attention, your reverence this afternoon. []

7 He never did heal people to show His power. He, when Satan tried to get Him to show it to people. You see, it was a temptation of the devil. But he give Him the Scriptures, said, “It’s written, He will give His Angels charge concerning thee, lest at any time you dash your foot against a stone, they bear Thee up.” See? But Jesus… [] Christ did not heal all the people that come to Him. He did not heal all the sick and afflicted. He just healed certain ones, the ones that He was led to heal. And that’s the way the meetings has been going up in…?… all meetings bear me record. Now, there was many of them up in the country up there. Been many great outstanding miracles.

8 The other night, they brought in a… The mute school, they brought child from the mute school. And then, all at once, I never seen so many deaf and dumb people in—in all the days of my ministry. Everything in the line was deaf and dumb. And I—I stopped. I was praying for them. And I stopped and asked why so many mutes.

And then they had one little girl about twelve years old, and the spirit was cast from her. Very pathetic looking little thing and when the spirit was cast from her, she begin to speak and hear.

The next night, they brought her back, said she couldn’t speak and hear. Her doctor came with her, so, and a nurse. So they said they’d heard her speak from the platform, heard that she did speak from the platform, rather. Well, they got behind her and [Brother Branham claps his hands.] clapped their hands like that, and no hearing at all, snapped their fingers, tried to get her to say something, and she wouldn’t. They—they talk on their fingers like that to her. She wouldn’t. And then they [Brother Branham claps again.] clapped their hands like that, no hearing at all. And the child spoke and heard the night before from the platform. So then they tried to get her to say something. They’d say “Daddy,” or “Mama,” or something like that. She’d go… [Brother Branham illustrates.] like that. And she couldn’t say nothing.

9 I remembered the child. Well, then I said, “Well, bring her up here again.” And they brought the little girl up, and then when the spirit was cast out of her, I was standing just beside of her, and I [Brother Branham snaps his fingers.] like that. She turned and jumped, and looked around like that. I had to… come and let him clap his hands… do His hands like that. And she turned around; she heard that. So then, I got her to say, “mama,” and she’d say, “ma-ma.”

I’d said, say, “da-dy” like that with my…?… with my tongue how to make it. She’d say, “da-dy.”

Now, she could speak and hear there on the platform. And then I told them; I said, now, “It’s just like conversion. You can be a Christian tonight and a sinner tomorrow. You can believe and hold on to God, and believe it with all your heart.” Now, and I asked why there’s so many deaf and dumb.

10 And they brought a little girl there about seven years old, that was been—was born deaf and dumb. And she was speaking and hearing, and there was a big deaf and dumb institution’s right there in Oregon. I was right by it. And that’s what it was; they was bringing all their deaf and dumb in because of that girl. And this one failed to keep hers, and they brought her back. So I guess there was somewhat twenty or twenty-five cases of deaf and dumb people healed this last week. Definitely on the platform speaking and hearing.

But now, all of them, I didn’t pick them. Just as they come through, I could feel the pressure of faith. Now, whether that’s my faith reaching out…

11 Now, friends, there’s only one way in the world that you can be healed, and that’s only faith in God. Now, no matter how much that God will permit me, by my own faith, to take the spirit from you, unless you go forth and believe God, and serve God, and trust God, it’ll come right back to you again. Did not Jesus say, “Go and sin no more, or a worse thing than this will come upon you?”

Don’t never come in a prayer line unless you expecting to serve God the rest of your days. That’s right. Always, don’t never live a sinful life, because you’ll be worse, way worse. God has promised that you will be worse off than you was at the first time. Don’t never try to come… And especially this afternoon, to you who shall come in this miracle line, don’t you dare to come, ‘less you promise God, with all your heart, that (and mean it), that you will serve Him the rest of your days.

12 Now, it’s… Jesus told Satan there, “It’s written that you shouldn’t tempt the Lord.” Or as some of the writers put it different, make a showing of God’s power.

Now, remember, in the Bible, there was many people who passed by Jesus, that He never even had no compassion on them. If He did, He didn’t show it. It was where He was led to stop. Is that right?

For instance, the man at the pool under the five porches. Being that the crowds of impotent people laying there, and here came—come Jesus walking through. And there laid one man who had been laying there for many years. He just raised that man up, and told him to take his bed and go home, and never even said nothing to the rest of the crowd. Is that right?

One man, He took him by the hand and led him out of the crowd, plumb out of the city, prayed for him. Of course, he begin to see men like trees. Might’ve stood there a hour or two longer praying for him, for all I know. But anyhow, when He got through praying, his sight came to him. See, wherever He was led…

13 Look at the man at the gate Beautiful that Peter healed, and John, passing through the gate. Jesus went right through that gate month after month while He was at Jerusalem. Why, didn’t He heal that man? He’d been laying there forty years.

Notice. Or he didn’t…?… the gate there to beg alms, I guess. That’s what he’d been laying there for many years.

Now, notice. God only heals, not to show His power. He only heals those, not on the merits of your Christianity. He doesn’t heal you because you’re a Christian. He doesn’t… But when He does heal you, He wants you to be a Christian from that time on. But He—but He doesn’t heal because you—you’d be made well, “I’ll go up there; I’ll be healed, because I’m a Christian.” No, God heals on your faith, your faith. If you’re a—if you’re a sinner, and know nothing about God, and never have been a Christian, if you’ll promise Him that you will be a Christian, and will come, and you have faith enough for it to be done, it will be done, right then. But…?… []

14 I don’t even have a purpose in mind. And those… And then you go there and that makes you nervous. Look down on the street and see them mothers walking with little babies there in their arms. And see the—the cripples laying around there, expecting to stop and pray, emergency.

I’m a human. I got a heart. And I feel for people. If I let myself go, I’d be a nervous breakdown before one week was over. I just got to shut my eyes, and look up, and say, “O God, have mercy,” and walk on. See? And I get to a place where it’s getting me so nervous.

A few moments ago, my little girl, nineteen months old now. Mother called, and she wanted to know if I just got the trip through all right. My little girl just been a talking. She was talking, “My daddy?” And she said, “I love you. Come home, daddy.” Like that. And they took her away from the phone, and she started screaming, wanted to get back to the phone. That nearly killed me. ‘Course it does. And I’d just only seen her five times since she was born. []

15 Why, most fathers with their little children. That makes me feel… Oh, I just dread seeing that poor little sickly and afflicted thing. But the only thing that I can do, is to be honest with the people. And that is this: when you come into the line… That is, after today. When you come through the line, the prayer line, will you make a covenant with, just to be with God. If God will perform these miracles here for you today, whatever is brought to the platform, if God will heal them…

And God knows that… Oh, may the Lord grant that I’m not trying to make a show of His power. No, I’m not doing that. But that you might be encouraged…

I’ve always loved Phoenix, Arizona. I love you yet. The crowds has never been right, in Phoenix. They never have had the crowds here we have at other places. Now, why, I don’t know. But I’ve always loved Phoenix. And I wondered… I want to live here someday. And there’s a great something here that draws me here, just like it’s leading me over there sometime.

16 And I set this day aside for miracles. And may God, Who listens to me now, if He will just grant this to me today, that ever what is brought here before He and I this day, if He will let it get well, surely, you’ll believe from then on. You—you’ll pass through the prayer line and believe that God truly has sent this gift of healing. Won’t you believe that? You won’t have to have one more miracle performed in the rest of the meetings; you’ll believe if you’re prayed for.

And remember, with the Bible here before me, is it true that this power is given only for healing. I pray for the people; they go away. And if they believe, they get well. If that feel, that faith, that prayer is said for that person, and if they believe it, the Angels of God will watch over that person. They have to get well, maybe not that hour, maybe not that week, maybe not that month. It may be six weeks before they’re well. But they’ll get well. They’ve got to get well.

17 And friends, the lowest count that I ever had of any of my meetings, counting by prayer cards, was seventy percent of what was prayed for. The highest percent was at Winnipeg, Canada. Ninety-eight percent of what was prayed for was healed. Ninety-eight percent… That hasn’t been but about five months ago, four months ago. And they are healed now.

They’re… Some sent their—their testimony in that they are well. And at the Vancouver meeting, my secretary called me while I was at Portland, or at the Ashland, and he said, “Brother Branham, I believe it’s going to be one hundred percent from the way the testimonies are coming in, and the prayer cards that we put out.” One hundred percent, I hope it does.

18 Well, if God can heal those people on their faith in Canada, God loves Americans the same as He loves Canadians. Is that right? He’s no respecter of persons. And He will heal you, if you’ll just believe it. But He cannot heal you without your faith. You’ve got to believe that He will heal.

Now, I think now, it’s three minutes after two, or three minutes after three by this time here. Now, we’re—we want to get out by five o’clock. And I want to speak just a little bit upon our lesson, and then we’ll start the prayer line, or the keep faith line.

19 Now, will everyone listen close to this? Closely? Friends, please, and may God, Who listens at me, remember that I am not bringing this this afternoon to you as a showing. And if I am wrong, may God have mercy upon me. I don’t want to do anything wrong.

But He told me, by that Angel, that “nothing shall stand before your prayer if you’ll be sincere and get the people to believe you.” And I have not yet seen one thing, regardless of what it was, when enough time was taken with that person, and stayed with it, but what Almighty God healed them while they were yet in front of me. You understand, everybody? And that is the truth.

20 This once more, I shall try, making the ending of this at Phoenix. That’s right. The place where I intend to live someday. And God can heal the people this day. And if He will grant that to me, and let these whatever comes up, deaf, dumb, crippled, blind, insanity, whatever it is, be delivered right here before the people’s eyes, then the rest of the time, I’ll let Him do the leading, if He will just hear me and answer my prayer.

Will you pray for me, that God will help me? I realize that the work is in its infancy. It’s a great strain. Friends, I can see the fruits of what I’ve always, try, I’ve, always true to Him… []… And I thank God for what’s coming to pass now.

21 Great revivals are sweeping out across the country. The people are one heart and one mind. And they’re just sending one to one another’s church, let the people go to wherever church they wish to go to. Let them have their own preference. And whatever a person believes, go ahead and believe that, but don’t criticize the other man. That’s—that’s… Let’s stay together and serve God.

Oh, I trust that God will yet do that. And if He will show me favor this afternoon and heal these people before you, then you listen to my word, friends. Don’t hold nothing against anybody, or anybody’s church. Let’s go together as one like brothers and sister, and then the sinner on the outside will know that we really love Jesus. That’s right. See?

22 Jesus said this: “This will all men know that you are My disciples because you have…” shake one another’s hands? Because you belong to the, this church? “Because you have love, one for the other.” Is that right? The love, one for another, then you’ll know… “All men will know that you’re My disciples.” And if we do not have love one for another, then we cannot be His disciples. And that’s what’s holding the sinners back. That’s what’s holding the coming of… []… believe the God will permit me this afternoon, for this lovely little city, to prove His power and authority. If He does, then if you don’t receive Him and listen to my words, I’ve done all I can do. That—that’s right. And I thought I’d wait till last of the meeting for this. But I see now, if I do this, I’ll have more time to make talks on us people coming together.

Remember, friends, if you’re black, white, yellow, red, American, Canadian, Russian, Spanish, Mexico, wherever you’re from, we’re all one in Christ Jesus, every one of us. God don’t love one any more than He does the other one. He doesn’t love me any more than He loves you. He doesn’t love you any more than He loves me. So there we are; we’re all one together in Christ Jesus.

23 And let’s live like that. Let’s live that every day before the world, and they’ll see. That’s the way you’ll lift Jesus up to the world. Let others see Jesus in you. You’re written epistles read of all men.

Will you grant that to me, and will… And if God will grant the rest of it to me, I believe it’ll be the breaking forth, this very day, of an old fashion revival through Phoenix. Won’t… Wouldn’t you like to see every church in a great big revival in Phoenix? Souls being born into the Kingdom…

24 Let’s bow our heads just for a moment. Our heavenly Father, this day, standing here tired before this group of people, and weary, and my limbs aching, and hurting, and pushing, and pulling. O Christ, someday, let Thy servant depart in peace, so we can cross over the river. I trust that You’ll give me rest at the other side.

Father, You know how I feel today, how I would love to even be home for Thanksgiving, to get to just set down with the wife and family. But O God, that cry and pull up in Portland to that Oregon states above… And these dear people here at Phoenix from different nations, different people coming together to be healed…

25 And Father, someday, may we have Thanksgiving together when You’re crowned the King of king and the Lord of lords. That great Thanksgiving day, when all the saints shall rally together, God, help us to work for that day while we’re here on earth, and may You give us Divine strength.

And Father, as we open up Your Word now for a few moments, may the Holy Spirit come down and take the things of God and take them right out into this lovely bunch of people, and sow the seeds of love and fellowship in this congregation of people, until every church will be blessed, and the peoples will start a revival, Lord, among themselves, and bring in many lost souls in these next three meetings coming up. Grant it, Father, and we’ll give You the praise for it, for we ask it in His Name. Amen.

26 Now, the next three services, the Lord willing, we’re going to have an altar call and have some people, sinners. So bring in your sinner friends and expect God to meet with us here, and—and to save, and to heal the people of all their diseases.

Last Sunday, in the Scripture lesson, I believe was in Numbers 21st chapter, speaking of a brazen serpent. A… Sunday before that, we had the smiting of the rock. Last Sunday, we brought up to where that God had dealt with His people in such a way that He brought them out of Egypt, and had provided a way for them all the way along.

27 And we seen last Sunday, how that all that church was a type, or a shadow of the Church that we have today: the calling out, bringing out of darkness into the marvelous light, led by signs and wonders of God, bringing them from Egypt, going up into the promised land… And it’s a very perfect type of the Church today being led out of darkness into the Light of Christ, and how He brought the people, see how they were down there among those Egyptians. They become like the heathens.

God brought them out and give them laws, and wonders. They walked with God, and God kept sickness away from them. He gave them food to eat. []

28 There’s a way for every sinner in here that’s sinned. Here it is. There is a fountain filled with Blood, Drawn [] veins, When sinners plunge beneath the flood, Lose all their guilty stains. Then you’re a candidate to follow the Church of God on through this wilderness journey into the promised land. And our promised land is found in John 14. “Let not your hearts be troubled; if you believe in God, believe also in Me. For in My father’s house there are many mansions. If it wasn’t so, I would’ve told you. I go and prepare a place for you, and I will come again to receive you unto Myself.” Isn’t that marvelous, when I think of His love and compassion. “I will come, and I will receive you unto Myself,” the love that He had.

29 Sometimes I feel like the runaway slave. When Paul found him, he wrote back to his master, and he said, “Don’t… Put all that he owes you, put it upon my bill, and I’ll pay you when I come.” When I think of that, I think of Paul there, that great Christian, how that his heart knew that there was a great charge against him, and Christ by His own Blood wrote his pardon at the cross and took his place. And he knowed how to feel for other people. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all had that feeling this afternoon? Just take their fault and lay it upon Me, let Me… If we’d bear one another’s burdens like that… Now, that’s the way God want… []

30 On they came to a place they begin to murmur against God, and—and against Moses. And God had to have Moses to smite the rock. And we took what he smote it with, the judgment stick, which we realize that that was the judgment, God’s judgment stick. It was the one brought fleas, and lice, and—and turned the waters into a… Or frogs come up out of the waters and so forth down in Egypt, because it was God’s judgment upon an unbelieving people.

And notice. The only way that God could lead them people out was by an atonement. And the only way that God can lead us out today, is by an atonement. And the atonement’s already made at Calvary.

31 Notice. They’re going down in there, how perfect it was with the Scriptures. How Joseph, the younger son, rejected of his brethren: Christ, rejected of His brethren. He wore a coat of seven colors, Joseph. And the seven colors, of course, represented seven colors in the rainbow, which was a covenant.

And God always has His covenant people. And then, this one young Joseph was killed, supposingly, by his brethren, and his coat was to be returned to his father.

And I want you to see another thing, that he was throwed into a ditch, and was supposingly to be dead. But he was taken up from the ditch, and was taken into the greatest commercial city of the world, and was made a right hand man, that no man could enter into the gates or come into the courts, without first coming through Joseph: a perfect type of Christ.

They thought they had killed Him, and throwed Him into the grave. But God raised Him up. And today He sets at the right hand of His Majesty, and no man can come to God except he come through Christ. Is that right?

32 Notice in the butcher and the baker, one was refused and one rejected, like the two thieves at the cross: a perfect type. And then at the death of Joseph, he left the sign to the Egyptians, that his bones would be taken out when they went out. Many of the Egyptians passed them by, or the Israelites, rather, down in Egypt, and see those bones. They knew someday before those bones completely deteriorated, that they would move forward and they would move with them.

Christ, not as I believe in His bones, but He left an empty tomb, that we who are Christians today…

Someone said, “Brother Branham. The only thing that you got to know that you’re a Christian is some Hebrew writing.”

I said, “I got more than that to know that I’m a Christian.” Sure have. You have too, if you’ve been borned again. Notice. But we have an empty tomb.

33 Mohammedan religion is the greatest there is in the world today. There’s more Mohammedans than anything. But they keep a white horse setting at the grave of Mohammed, stayed there for two thousand years. A white horse is constantly been led there for Mohammed to resurrect and ride away.

We go down to Ganges River today, we’d find mothers there that they sacrifice their little children, throwing them to alligators, and let the alligators crunch the little dark fellows, and their blood spurt up over their mouth, sacrificing to the god of the Nile.

Now, somebody says, “Because I’m sincere, that’s all that makes any difference.” It takes more than sincerity. They’re sincere too.

34 Over in India today, and under the Buddha worship, people like Brother Jateph, Gadyce Moservan, he said, “Brother Branham, I have seen…” Know… I guess all of you know Gadyce. He’s internationally known everywhere, Methodist church. He said, “I’ve seen them stand to where fingernails had grow through their hands, would say, ‘O great Buddha, if—if you’ll give unto me rest for my soul, I’ll never take my hand down.’” Leave it like that. Many of them who hasn’t laid down for years, and they stand sleeping up side of the walls, praying.

The Chinese, they break their feet. They have four hundred and something kitchen gods alone, and something or another like that, heathen worship, crying for peace to their soul.

35 And you Americans can have it right now and reject it. Why, them heathens will rise in the day of judgment and condemn… [] That’s right. []… to your idols… []…?… All are dead and gone. []… but rose again; it’s an empty tomb. You say, “Oh, well, they could’ve emptied the tomb.” He made it better than that. He said, “I’ll pray the Father, and He will send you another Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost. He will abide with you forever.” And He’s here today in the building right now, ready to fill any heart that’s… empty out the world; Christ will come in in the form of the Holy Ghost, and you’ll be saved, and have peace. That’s right.

36 Oh, my. No wonder it thrills our heart, the great church, God leading it out. Then when they come to the place where they come to Kadesh, in Kadesh then was a judgment seat, and as we dealt, went through that last Sunday.

And then after the Church come through, Martin Luther… There’s a third stage of the journey. Martin Luther was the first stage of the journey, calling out of darkness. John Wesley was the second stage. Then there comes a Pentecost. And Pentecost brought the judgment. And the people went after the gifts instead of the… [] That’s right. I believe God wants me to say that.

Friends, when you miss the love of God in your hearts, you miss everything, no matter what you’ve done. Where there’s tongues, they shall cease; where there’s prophecy, it shall vanish. But where there is charity, it lasts forever. I’d rather my wife would love me than be afraid of me, wouldn’t you? Sure, you love God. The love of God in your heart…

37 Now, notice. Then when they met the judgment, and they all turned back, immediately sickness broke out into the camp, and fiery serpents came in. And God sent down the gift of healing for the children of Israel, a brazen serpent. Maybe He couldn’t find a man that He could trust to put it on, so He put it on a serpent, a piece of brass and a pole.

And the very same thing, only in another form, after you begin the bad luck, and break up, and get into hundreds of different of churches, and the organizations, and denominations, and fussing among one another, sickness. There’s more sickness in the land today than it’s ever been known of. That great plague of cancer sweeping the nations, and Christians are dying by the thousands with it. And then to think at that very hour that the Angel of God came down and even specified cancer.

38 Going to a hospital after a bit, a child here that’s going to die. They say there’s fourteen doctors give her up with cancer. Oh, may God meet me there. It’ll be a witness to Phoenix.

That Angel standing there which testified nothing like cancer. He said, “Nothing shall stand before your prayer, not even to cancer.”

But do you think all the Hebrews believed that brazen serpent? Certainly not. And there’s thousands of Gentiles and people today, when you speak to them about the gift of Divine healing, they say it’s fanaticism. How do you expect to ever be healed? It’s not for you in the first place; it’s for a believers, those who will believe.

39 Now then, after we left them last Sunday, we’re journeying on now into the 22nd chapter. And I’m not going to have time to read it—of it. But I may read a verse or two here, and listen close now.

And the children of Israel set forward, and pitched in the plain of Moab on this side of Jordan by Jericho.

Notice, they had journeyed on. And as they went on… ‘Course Aaron died during that time. And as they went moving on, Moses, moving on with the children of Israel, they wanted to go by, compass the land. The king told them, “No, you can’t go through here.”

But when he come and fought against them and taken from the people, then God told him, told Israel, or Israel vowed to God, if He would deliver the king into his hands, that he’d utterly destroy the land. And that’s a type today. If God will give you the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, utterly destroy sin out of your life. Move on. Nothing can stop the Church.

They may call you fanatic; they may call you simply to pack a Bible. They may say that you’re a holy-roller, or whatever they do. Nothing’s going to stand in God’s Church; she’s moving towards Canaan. If you don’t—if you don’t go, God’s going to take them that will go. That’s right. He… That Church… There’s nothing. It’s a irresistible force. That’s right. And God will move everything.

40 Here a few years ago, they said they was going to throw you out; they was going to set you back; they was going to shut your mouth; but the Church moving on. That’s right. And the Church will move on. There’s nothing. It’s coming time where you’re getting big enough, you ought to be able to talk and speak.

Now, she moves on. And finally they came down through the land of—of Moab there, and the king, Balap, he—Balak, rather. He thought that he would be wiped out, and he said, “Oh, this great company here that’s like, will lick us up like the ox licks the grass up off the field.” He sent over to a preacher, a prophet by the name of Balaam. He said, “Come down and curse this people, Israel, for me, for I understand that whoever you curse, is cursed, and whoever you bless, they’re blessed.”

41 Now, I want you to notice it. Here it is. The people knew that there was a power in that prophet, till if he cursed anything, it was cursed, and if he blessed anything, it was blessed. You Bible readers who read the Bible, is that true according to Scripture? Now, if we just had time to read it like we should, but such as… []

I cannot, God puts in my mouth. Is that right? Now, I cannot say, no prophet, no man, no healer, nobody. You ask too much of a prophet. Certainly you do.

There was many people come to Elisha to get cured of their leprosy. The Bible said there was many lepers in the days of Elisha, but only one of them was cured, and that was Naaman. Is that true? Certainly. How many more do you think came? There’s probably hundreds of lepers came, ’cause there’s many of them in the la—days of—of Elisha. But only one of them… But God recorded that in the Bible. Go look.

42 Today, I’ve got on record, many months ago, of thirty-five thousand cases, doctor’s statements of definite healings. Brother, I—I guess you think I’m excited, but I’m not. I’m not excited. I know where I’m standing. But look.

Jesus said, “These things that I’ve done, greater will you do, for I’ll go unto My Father.” Somebody had to fulfill that Word. That’s right. God’s able of these stones to rise children to Abraham.

43 And notice. Now, at the great healings now, and this is the last days. If I didn’t realize these things, I’d be afraid about saying that “miracle line.” I can only perform as God says perform. I can only speak when God says speak. I can only heal when God says heal. I can only tell you the vibrations is gone when God stops the vibrations. Now, I can’t stop them. I’m no healer; He’s the Healer. But when I see them stopped, they’re not stopped my me; they’re stopped by God. And if I tell you that, if you doubt it, then you’re going to be sick again. If you believe it, you’re going to get well. That’s right. Nothing can keep it from getting well.

I cannot make a deaf man hear. I cannot make a dumb speak. I cannot make these plugs that’s in the people’s ears go out. That’s God does that. And if He will do it on the platform, go away rejoicing and serve Him, ‘less a greater thing…

44 Balaam said, “I cannot do it unless God would send me.” Well then he prayed to God.

But that night, the Spirit came and talked to him. And He said, “Don’t you go.” That looked like it ought to be enough, don’t it?

Now, I’m preaching almost conviction to myself, right here this afternoon. He’s already told me, “You’re confirming—confining too much of that gift of healing on miracles.” And I want this to be the climax.

And notice. Then he thought. “I can only speak as God speaks.” No prophet can say anything ‘less God puts it in his mouth, if he’s a prophet. If he’s a false prophet, if he’s a hireling, why, he—he can say anything. But if you say anything, and God has to bring it to pass. If God said it, it’ll be that way.

45 Notice. Then when he said that, said he could only speak what God put in his mouth. And God told him to send them back. And he… Notice. Then Balaam, like a lot of hireling prophets now, for usury, for money, he come back again and asked him the second time. And he went to God again.

Now look. There is a perfect will of God, and there’s a permissive will of God. And God permitted His prophet to go on, yet he… It wasn’t His perfect will. It was His permissive will.

And I feel this afternoon is the same thing on these—working these—this—for this miracle line. It is God’s, maybe, permissive will, but it’s not His perfect will. You are supposed to take my word, and if—if…

46 Look, friends, it’s hard to say that. It’s hard for people to see that. But I don’t… There ought to be somebody… God grant someday, that I can have somebody, He will send me somebody who will do this talking for me, and I won’t have to do that. ‘Cause it looks like you’re throwing something to yourself. God in heaven knows that I wouldn’t stand here that much hypocrite before His people. That’s right. But it is the truth. I shall be judged for it at the day of judgment. He did say it.

And notice. Now, it might not be His perfect will, but I believe in His permissive will, for I’ve asked Him that for the sake of the Phoenix here, today; that you might see that I have told you that what is true. And the Angel of God, Who met me that night in the room, I pray that He will stand here to withstand anything that’s brought up here this afternoon. Now, now, as I say, I’m not supposed to do that, because I’m just saying, “Bring somebody up.”

47 Now, if you’d let me walk out through the crowd, I’ve already picked out at least four people setting right back out here in front of me right now, that could be healed right here by a miracle, right now, ’cause I feel them. One of them’s an aged man, gray headed. The other one’s a young lady, another one a little girl. They’re setting right before me now; that can be healed by a miracle, right here.

But if I should go out there and pick you out, then you’d want to find fault with me. You see? This gift I don’t believe was given for holding mass meetings like this. I don’t believe it was. I believe that I should be led of Almighty God to go wherever He’d lead me to place to place, like that. And then pray for the people and so forth, as He would lead me.

I don’t know. But whatever, I’m trying to get these things settled down, where I can find His perfect Divine will, His channel to walk in, and stay there, regardless of what anyone says about it. That’s right.

48 Now, He told Balaam to go on down there. Of course, we know on the road, the Angel of the Lord met him. And he could—he was so blind, so money crazy till he couldn’t find, even see the—the Angel standing before him. And then the—the mule that he was riding on, turned aside out into the field. The mule (Oh, my.), the mule had more spiritual discernment than the man did when he got his mind off of God.

Someone was speaking the other night, and I was telling my… []… “Putting a stumbling block in the people’s way.”

I said, “What is true is true.” I…

“Christians ought… Christians would seen that, it would been different, seen these thing.”

I said, “Yes, but sometimes that Christians are so blind they can’t see that.” It was in the days of the coming of Jesus. Those astrologers went right on up there and worshipped Him, the three wise men. And the priest was in the temple debating whether this was right or that was right. That’s the truth. And a little witch…

49 Remember, I say it’s the work of the devil. All spiritualists and astronomy is the works of the devil. And I realize I’m heading right now down in Mexico where black magic and everything else is there, but I know Who I have believed. I know God will take care of me. He will bring the thing to a showdown, like He did in Oregon the other night. That’s right. It’s true. But to get the people to set still long enough to see it, is the thing.

Now. Then, these things that he spoke, and… [] He didn’t see the Angel, and… []… turned aside. Then the Angel went and stand at another place. Watch Him, went to three places, representing three stage of the journey, the three stage of the journey then, the three stage of the journey in the children of Israel, three stages of Balaam’s journey.

50 We’re in our third and last stage. And remember, the Pentecostal age is a rejected age. I hate to say that, for I’ve never found faith in any church like the Pentecostal church. But it’s rejected, because it’s the Laodicean last church age, lukewarm. It’ll be spued from the mouth of Christ. But God in there will draw out His people, out of that Pentecostal age.

You say, “Well, I’m looking for a great age.” I know, many of you people… There’s a teaching, the schools of the prophets. And they’d say it’s all the great church age is coming. Don’t believe it. The next thing to come is Christ for His Church. That’s right. To… So remember, the last church age is the Laodicean church age, a lukewarm that’s spued from God’s mouth. It’s true. And you know that.

51 “Oh,” you say, “Brother Branham, you’re just go on alone.” Well, how about a whole council? That’s the way the Catholic church started, by the council of men. God don’t move in councils of men; He deals with individuals.

Look at all that bunch of prophets up there telling Ahab to go on up in peace. And said, “Isn’t there one more?” Jehoshaphat said. “Yeah, little old Micaiah.” But Micaiah knew where he was standing. He knew his God.

And I know many will reject this that I’m saying now. But remember, I believe with all my heart, I know God. And I believe the age here, that we’re holding so much with this church and that church. And God’s not pleased with it. We’ve got to come out of that. We’ve got to get together, our hearts together. That’s right.

52 And notice now. And as he come down there, and this mule seen standing… First place, he seen Him there at the gate, next place in a strait, and the next place, seen Him standing in a real narrow way. And finally the mule spoke out with human voice.

Look. A dumb mule, a dumb brute. If God, an Angel of God could speak through a dumb brute, couldn’t He speak through a man? The people are too blind to see Him. He said, “These… God’s able of these stones to rise children unto Ahab—Abraham.”

Oh, my. Then Balaam went down to put a curse upon the children of Israel. We have to hurry. Oh, my. I just love this somehow. Where He gets just plenty of elbow room.

53 Look. He’ll journeyed on after the mule even spoke to him. And the Angel of the Lord was standing in the way. Now, God is not pleased with the way people are doing, the people in this lukewarm condition. Either be hot or cold; get in or get out. God hasten the day when Christians will be what they profess to be, and sinners the same thing. Oh, if I wasn’t for Christ, I’d be against Him. I’d be standing here talking against Him. I’d…?… I ain’t got no use for Him. There’s nothing to Him. I’d be against Him if I wasn’t for Him.

But friends, I truly believe He’s the Son of God, like the Bible says He is. I believe He ascended on high, like the Bible said He did. I believe He’s coming again, like the Bible says so. And I have believe that He gave gifts back to men. Therefore, today I’m planning it, because I believe it. If you see me living anything else, you let me know, because I’m backslid. If I do anything different and live the life of that, I’d be afraid to walk before those demons and powers.

54 I know it’s hard, cuts me down. And I hate to say anything to people. But, friends, I have to stand at the judgment someday to answer before you people. That’s right. And your blood will be upon my hands. You serve God with reverence in your heart, pure, holy love for Him. Walk every day in that mood of love all the time. Do good to others, and do good charitable deeds, and love God, and worship Him, and that’s the way you’re supposed to live. And treat your neighbor as yourself. That’s right.

Now. Notice this now. Then when he got down there, Balaam… Or, when he got down there, he thought surely… Here’s another mistake. I’ll get this part in just before I close. You’ll give me your undivided attention right here till we meet the climax. Oh, my, I feel that He’s here. I do. I thank Him.

55 Look. When he went down there, Balaam went out with this idea. Now, I been bawling you out. You—you holiness people, full Gospel people, Nazarenes, Pentecostals, Church of God, and Assemblies of God, and oh, all the rest of you, and to you Methodists, and to you Baptist, and all you that love God, notice this.

But look, when Balaam… Now, to bring it back to the Church; it’s moving on. When Balaam went down there, he looked upon that people. Israel had done everything that was on the calendar, nearly, in the way of sin. They had backslid on God. They’d been up, they’d… []… church… the little church standard, they broke up men’s homes, and run this a way and that way, and done everything that was doing. That’s right. But don’t judge all of them by that one. See? We’ve all had it. That’s true. But they say, “Oh, that—that—that Holy Ghost church, all them shouters and go on. Look, I’ve knowed one of their pastors that done this.”

Yes, and brother, if there hadn’t been a little money behind it, there’d been a whole lot more said about these others too. But when they got a lot of money to smother it down, these fellows have to take the rub. That’s all. But remember, we have good and bad in both.

56 And Balaam looked upon that people, and he thought, “Looky here…” Now, listen. He thought, surely, that a holy moral God would have to curse a people like that, that done such things as that. But when looking upon them, he looked; he said, “Now, looky. They’ve done this; they’ve done that. Surely, there’s not a holy God in heaven could look upon that, and—and absolutely have any blessing with that Church. ‘Cause, look at them. They have done this, and they’ve done that.” He looked at it from the eye standpoint, from the moral standpoint, trying to judge a people by a moral God, holy God. But he failed to see the smitten rock before them, and the brazen serpent, that atonement that forgave their sins.

And so is it today, when a people laugh and say, “Them Divine healers, them holy-rollers, they done this and that.” I’ll admit it. But they fail to see the Blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, moving on before the Church. That’s right. It atones. There’s a sin atonement made for the Church. And people, you who know God, move on. God is for you. No matter how much they try to put a curse on it, it can’t be done. The Blood of Christ separates that. God did not look upon any people as their own moral standards. The only thing He looks at, is the Blood of His own Son, Jesus Christ. And any persons that’s under that Blood is safely protected. Amen.

57 Oh, my. Under the Blood… I don’t care how much you holler, or scream, stay there until morning breaks. That’s right. They were under the blood, the blood of the lamb, the smitten rock, the brazen serpent. Look, they were under the blood of the lamb, as we took last week, the brood—blood was placed upon the door, the lintel of the door. They went out under the blood. And they got out there, and got hungry; God fed them manna out of heaven. They got thirsty; He gave them water from the rock. They got sick; He gave them power for healing.

And Balaam failed to see that. He thought because they were so radical in this way and that way, that—that God did not have any honor for them. He didn’t have honor for them, but He did for His atonement. Amen. God, today, no matter what the Church has done, the Atonement, the Blood of Jesus Christ still atones for the sins. Amen.

58 My, my. We’ll be ready to shout in here directly, sure enough, won’t we? When I think of it, the Blood… Under the Blood, it all looks sons and daughters to Him, as long as they’re confessed under the Blood. So if you’ve done wrong, get under the Blood today and confess your sins. For if we fall from grace, we have an Advocate to the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Oh, if it wasn’t for that Advocate, we’d all be gone, wouldn’t we? But in there we’re brought under the rich, royal Blood of the Son of God. And before God, we are pure and holy. Hallelujah.

59 I guess it’s not against the law to say it in Phoenix. Hallelujah. I mean “Praise our God.” And I think He’s worthy of every praise and hallelujah we could ring from these mortal lips. The Bible said, “You are a royal priesthood, a peculiar people, offering spiritual sacrifices to God, the fruits of your lips giving praise unto Him.” Oh, my. The fruits of your lips, pouring up praise daily before the people.

What a High Priest we have; what a priesthood that we’re in: the priesthood of the circumcision, not of flesh, but of the heart (Amen.), the heart circumcised by the Holy Ghost. That’s right. Then you can offer praise and adorations to God, the spiritual sacrifice, your lips pouring out praise unto Him.

60 The other night when the people were standing there, where a little blind baby laying in the mother’s arms, his little eyes were blind, but after being prayed for, holding the little baby in my own arms like that, and looking at it. I was looking out, and I said, “Mother, it sees the light.” She looked at it, and she put her hands before it. It’d bat its little eyes. And I took my hand, it followed my hand around like that. Why, the people just rose; those rafters rang with the praises. Somebody stood there, said “They make a lot of noise.”

I said, “If they’d hold their peace, I believe the rafters would praise God.” Something’s got to take place. Amen. Oh, my. No wonder the poet could sing:

Amazing grace! how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now I’m found,
I was blind, but now I see.
Oh, it was grace that taught my heart to fear,
His grace my fears relieved;
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed! (Oh, my.)
After we’ve been there ten thousand years,
That’s… Since then we have no less time to sing His praise,
Than the hour when we first begun.

61 How wonderful. No wonder Eddie Perronet could screamed out in his dying hours and throw his hands across the cross and scream:

All hail the power of Jesus’ name!
Let angels prostrate fall;
Bring forth the royal diadem,
And crown Him Lord of all.

My! Old blind Fanny Crosby had never seen in her life; she screamed,

Pass me not, O gentle Saviour,
Hear my humble cry;
While on others Thou art calling,
Do not pass me by.

What can You offer me, Lord? What can You offer blind Fanny Crosby, who was blind all of her life. She has found the stream of all… [] You see what I mean?

More than life to me. []

Face to face, to look upon Him, take… [] eternal… []

62 The Author of… [] Help me this afternoon, Father. And may this not be to bring Thy power down to make a show of it. But O God, may everything that fell on the pulpit this afternoon be healed by Thy Divine power, that the people of Israel, spiritually speaking, might rejoice in the power of their salvation. And may them who are unbelievers be brought to shame. Grant it, dear God, and they’ll humbly bow at the foot of the cross on next Sunday, and this week sometime, and say, “Lord, I’ve been wrong. I persecuted the people who believed in Divine healing. I’ve said they were holy-rollers; I’ve called them everything. But I failed to see the Blood and power of Christ going before them.”

O Christ, encourage Your people. “O Jacob, how godly is thy tents set.” Oh, no matter what side they look from, it’s godly. There’s joy; there’s freedom of sin; there’s power of healing; there’s everything in the tent. O God, may blind Balaam see it this afternoon and glorify the God of heaven. For we ask it in His Name, and for His glory. Amen.

63 Just one moment. I’m going to ask another of them in here to come forth now. Everyone just remain in your seat. We’re going to have a—one of the brothers to step out here at the pulpit.

Now remember, dear friends, God’s power is not to be made a show. Do you hear it? And if Jehovah God, my Saviour, Jesus Christ will hear my prayer this afternoon, and will heal these people that’s brought here in the way of miracles… Then, if you don’t receive Christ then, then Phoenix, I’ve done all I can do. I’ve done all I can do.

I’ve tried to tell it to you; I’ve tried to preach to you; I’ve tried to show it to you by the Word; and then if God will manifest Hisself in the power, that’s the only thing I know to do. Then, I trust, if God will do that, when we make an old fashion altar call here, that the sinners will weep their way through, and Christians will go back, shake one another’s hands, and there’ll be a revival sweep through here.

64 I hear there’s two or three revivals started now. The Brother James Outlaw, I believe, is starting a revival. And some more of the brethren here in the city. I trust that there’ll be a revival start in every church, everywhere, and people will come to Christ.

Oh, my. Do you believe we’re in a stage of the journey now? Do you do it? Raise your hands. Now, I want to ask you this one more thing. (Brother Hooper, if you’d get ready to come out in the platform just a moment.) Now, I wonder this: if any in here today, if you don’t believe this with all your heart now, friends, if you do not believe it…

65 Here last week we had some things to happen in our meeting, in all that lovely meeting. But there were two ushers standing right beside of me when a epileptic spell was cast out, and down went the two ushers, one on one side and one of them plunged forward, another one run back like this. A few hours later, they tried to get the woman in, couldn’t do it, fine woman, business woman there of the city, had a—a stro—a store where they sold women’s clothing and things, a very fine woman. And about two days later, they had her out there in front of the hotel there, frothing like a mad dog. See? They could not… It was the powers of hell was liberated, and the demons will go from one to another.

Now, let me quote—quote that again just…?… yonder. Listen. Remember, this is casting out Satan. With my Bible over my heart, friends, it’s casting out powers that’s bound those people. And when that power is cast out, that demon will go somewhere if he can get somewhere. Do you remember when Jesus cast out Legion, demons, they said, “Suffer us to go over here in this herd of swine.” Is that right? And He—He give them permission to go. And they went over there, and those hogs, thousands of them, run down to the river and drowned in the river. Is that right?

66 And now, remember, dear friends, with all my heart, take this as a warning. If you have one skeptic thought, please do not stay in the building now. ‘Cause there’ll probably be insanities, blind, deaf, everything brought here now. And you must be perfectly quiet. And if you feel that you can’t keep your head down, then don’t stay in here.

Now, we’ll try to give vent about every fifteen minutes, if the Lord should perform some miracle of course. Now, I don’t say that there’ll be but one. There may not be but one. I may not even get to that one. I can’t say. Let me make myself perfectly clear. Back and forth, check and double check on it so you’ll know.

67 Remember, I have said this is a gift of healing. Everybody bear me record. If you do, say, “Amen.” [Congregation says, “Amen.”.] The Angel has never told me to perform one miracle. Everybody hear that, say “Amen.” He told me if I would pray for the people, that they’d get well, if I could get them to believe me. You’ve heard, remember that, say “Amen.” But through faith, faith in Him Who is invisible here this afternoon, I have been permitted by Almighty God to open the eyes of the total blind, to unstop the ears of those who were born deaf and dumb, that they’d speak and hear. The cripples that were hideously drawn physic—unfold right before the people’s eyes and walk away by the power of Him Who is invisible.

68 But remember, it is none of my own power. It is His power. I have no way at all to perform any miracles. I am just a man like you, your husband, your brother. I’m a man. But He is God. And this Angel is Divine that’s sent from the throne of God. See what I mean? It’s by… [] Angel, and God’s Word… []… miracles in here. [] Is that right?

Now, how many will believe with me? Let’s see your… []…?… I’ve got you…?… Thank you.

Now, slowly, let’s give them a little chance to rest. Everyone stand reverently now while we sing, “Only Believe,” now. Everyone. Well, that’s the song that the Angel of God likes. Now, everyone, let’s get quiet, and be just as lovely. Do you love Jesus, say “Amen.”

69 Now I’ve got to get myself perfectly quiet. And now, while we sing. Now, everybody slowly now going,

Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only believe;
Only believe, only believe
All things are possible, only believe.

Let’s just bow our heads and hum that one real softly. [Brother Branham begins humming.] Oh, thank God. While you’re humming that, I want to…?…

70 Now, let’s just real reverently look to our Lord Jesus. O God, how humble I feel standing here. I brought this, Father, to this part of the service, telling the people that these things would take place. O God, I preached it…?… today, on a hireling, prophet Balaam. And I know that You said, dear Jesus, to the devil, “Thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God.”

Satan said, “Yes, but it’s written in the Scriptures…” Yes, Father. And Satan would like to tempt today.

Dear God, all things is in Your hands. And I pray to You from my heart today, here by this microphone, as usually, into the room by myself. But, Father, Thou knowest my heart. And I believe that Your ministry that has been so neglected, Your people has been cast down inside the…?… The hour is come that You’re going to take Your Church.

71 Help me, dear Father. Will You honor the words of Thy servant today, those so poorly and unworthy to be honored? I’ve told that that Angel that met me in the room that night, said, “Nothing shall stand before your prayer.” Dear God, if that’s not Your Divine will, please stop it.

But Father, Thou knowest all things. Not these people might hear me, but that Thou would hear me. I want to see a revival in this city. O God, there’s something pushing my heart ever since I knowed I was going to Phoenix. Help, dear God. And may it start an old fashion revival. Someday, may Thy servant live here in this lovely little city.

Now, bless us together. Anoint me, Lord. Please, let Your Angel… And Thou knowest, Father, that I give all praise and glory to Thee. Thou knowest that I’ve told all the newspapers and magazines that I’m no healer. Thou art the Healer. Willing to be humble, Father, for I’m nothing but dust, to give You the praise. Just let… Permit me, Father, to help these poor, sick, suffering, blind, crippled people. Will You, Father? And then next week, we’ll just, Father, do according to what You say. Permit this today. And do not hold it against Thy servant or against the people. I pray Thee, Father, to give Divine power now, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. May be seated now, reverently.

72 Now, I would that you ushers, some of the little babies are fretful and things. This must be perfectly quiet, friends. Please, mothers, don’t let your little children stir around. And if the little babies are crying, haven’t you got a place here, ushers, to seat… How many ushers in the building, let’s see your hands? Ushers, are you at the post of duty? All right. Watch, and help the mothers. And don’t permit no one running on the floor, ’cause this is a very, very sacred time.

Watch healing services…?… diseases for vibrations? All right. Well, okay. Now, you’ve got somebody sending those vibrations. I want each one to see my hand. Now, just this one more time…?… See what—how white it is? How many understands, and seen the vibrations over my hand, let’s see your hands? You mean that’s all the people that’s been in meetings? Almost a new crowd in here. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

73 Friends, it comes by vibrations, you can see it over my hand. My hand turns real bloody red, and white pimples jump up on it according to the disease. People don’t tell me what diseases they’ve got. That Spirit goes down and tells them what kind of a disease they got. I was examined by doctors up there last week. Each one of the doctors, they bring cases out of the hospital…

[]… Now, that’s right. Now, I—I… this person ever who this person standing behind me, now just a moment…?… I seen what they are right now…?… Now everybody be seated. Don’t no one…?… be real quiet. Everybody just be… sit down now,everyone. Don’t stir around at all, because remember, I’m warning you in the Name of Jesus Christ, you’re…?… be before, if you don’t obey Him. I’m not…?… for it, till I find out what it is.

Bring the person here. Yes, ma’am, you got tumor turned into a cancer. That right? You got a little more than that too. Is that right? Did I tell you what was right? Cancer? Came into your female…?… And you’re worried…?… And then, you’ve been having female problems. And you’ve got a… You had one kind of operation, and still got a infectionary and your stomach trouble that’s…?…

Now, look here. Ask those in the line down here. Have you got cancer? [] Are you suffering…?… That’s what that germ is…?… And I see…?… I will…?… to discern…?…

Now, to you who are standing by, I want you to look at my hand, if I can get out here so you can see back here. See? Now, you audience put your head up. Let me walk over here. I want you to look here at my hand…?… Now, I want you to look at this hand here. See how white my hand is? Can you see it? Look how…?… Now, watch here when I take and put my own hand on there. Now, watch this; I take my hand off of there…?… hand on there, can you. Watch here. I’ll put my own on. See? See how white it is? Now, just the woman put on her hand. There it is. Dark and reddish. Now, my hand feels like it’s on fire. See it…?…

[Brother Branham continues to pray and talk to the people for another 75 seconds. The words are very hard to understand.]

74 Now, I want all the audience to bow your heads everywhere, and I’m going…?… I want to…?… patient, I want you to watch my hands. Now, you watch my hands. Rest of you bow your head, ’cause she’s the one that’s got the cancer, ’cause if it comes off…?… Remember, you may find yourself…?… dying with cancer…?…

75 Now…?… Now, here’s what it is. The lady’s cancer died. The germ run out of it, the life went out of it. Now, here’s what takes place. Now, many of you here, are—are takers or…?… How many in here have…?… mercy…?… does he have a prayer card? You people with prayer cards, now look, now remember this. Somewhere in seventy-two hours, you’re going to get real sick, and will do a lot of vomiting. Now, remember this (See?), because the cancer being dead (See?), why the life goes out of it. And then after the life goes out…?… You’re going to get sick…?… You may pass it, friends. If you do put it in a bottle…?…

76 O Eternal God, hear this prayer of Your servant, may they be…?… stand here tonight and All of the ministering…?…

Thou, demon, called cancer, I come to meet you in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I adjure thee to leave her. Come out of the woman, thou spirit of cancer, in the Name of Jesus Christ…?…

If that be Your will then for me to… not to take those…?… But let them come by, and the ones that has faith, that…?… of the deaf and dumb, and let…?… then I know, Father, that Your…?… And now, if there be those, let it be known by…?… without something. Then, Father, I’ll know that You’re present. But I’ll know that it’s Your will that I pass the people through the line without having any healed…?… deaf, and dumb, or blind, and standing in the line, and putting Your power to a show, Father…?… O Father, forgive Your servant, and people…?… Answer the prayer of Your servant now…?…

77 Thou deaf spirit, I come before thee in the Name of Jesus Christ. Come out of the man. I adjure thee to leave.

[Brother Branham snaps his fingers and claps.] Hear me?…?… Say, “Amen.” [Man answers, “Amen.”.] Praise Lord. [Praise the Lord.]…?… Say, “Amen.” Say, “Father, I believe You.”…?… Say “Amen.” [“Amen.”] Say, “I love God.” [“I love God.”] Say, “Lord, I will serve you.”…?…

Now, what’s your name?…?… Where you live? Here in Phoenix…?…