It is impossible to be calm in the face of so many wonders that God does with us. The Word of the Lord speaks to me in 2 Kings 7: 9, “Then he said to one another, It is not good; this is the good news day, and we shut up. If we wait until morning, some punishment will come upon us; therefore, let us go now and announce it to the king’s house ”. The Christian should count as many people as possible as wonders that the Lord Jesus has done in their lives and in the lives of their families. Every missed opportunity to witness can be done once in a lifetime.

Witnessing is not counting advantages, if you have managed to get a home of your own, a zero car, a happy family, health and so on. People who prefer to hide as blessings that receive God out of fear of others’ envy. They forget that they are clothed in the Armor of God and therefore do not prosper spiritually and materially. Your life becomes limited by your selfishness. Witnessing is sharing how blessings you have received from the Lord with others to let them know or how awesome and desirable God is to be part of His Kingdom.

It is essential that the Christian “infect” other people with the Gospel; and for that there is nothing more effective than testimony. Right now, there is no room for inhibition and other fears. Just let the Holy Spirit work. Just as we cry with those who cry, we should also rejoice with those who rejoice.

Testimony lets everyone know who Jesus Christ really is and what He can do. Don’t shut up, keep proclaiming that God works wonders. The words are moving, but the testimonies draw crowds. Remember the Word in Psalm 118: 17, “I will not die, but I will live; and I will count the works of the Lord ”.

On this page, you have selected two fields from the “WMB Testimonies”, which are witnesses of healings performed by God through the Prophet William Marrion Branham, and also “Testimony of Brothers”, where you can read various testimonies of brothers throughout world.

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