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From the feedback we received, the testimonies we posted over vacation were a blessing to many. Here are a few more that we think you will enjoy.


Greetings to all and may God richly bless your service to Him and His Bride!

I was so blessed in reading the testimonies of God’s power over cancer. I felt to share one that just happened.

A minister brother called me recently and asked me to pray about a tape to play at their annual youth camp. Shortly after that I was on a road trip and played the message, A Super Sense, 1959. I was inspired to tell the brother that this would be a good tape for their camp.

He decided to listen to the tape while on a road trip that he was taking with another minister brother. The other minister brother had just been to a church that really doesn’t believe this end-time Message. While there he noted that their piano player had been battling leukemia. The doctors had given her up.

The two ministers listened to the tape while traveling in their vehicle and were very blessed by the message. The tape was added to the list of tapes that will be played at their camp later this summer. But the minister, who had visited the church, remembered the lady with leukemia. The testimony that Brother Branham gives near the end of the message about the lady who was healed of leukemia was fresh on his mind.

So, the brother called the pastor of the church and asked if it would be alright for him to send the tape to his piano player. The pastor gave his consent, and the lady listened to the tape. The Sixth Sense took hold. She went back to the doctor, and there is no trace of leukemia in her bloodstream! Praise the Lord for the anointing on the tapes and God’s healing power. This testimony has others looking into this glorious Message that God has sent to us by our precious Brother Branham!

Birth Defect

May God bless you. This Monday June 1, 2009, a brother testified this: a baby was born with one hand where all the fingers were stuck together. They performed an operation on the hand, and the wound, but how can it heal? They went to VGR office in Kinshasa to ask for a prayer cloth, and they put it on the hand of the baby. The wound healed after the prayer cloth was put on the hand.

From a brother in Congo


I also want to add my family’s testimony of God’s healing power.

My mother is a woman of faith. She is the one who always prays for us when we are sick.

One day, I noticed a little lump on her neck and asked her about it. She said, “It’s nothing.” After many days, I noticed that it was growing (I suspected that it was goiter).

I felt pity for my mother who sacrificed many things for us. I got depressed, and prayed to God for her healing.

One day I had a dream that a man of God was in our gathering. I went beside the man with my mother on the other side. We were listening to the tape, and Brother Branham said that we lay hands on each other. Then, the man first laid his hand on my mother (he said that she is in much more need than me) and prayed. He also laid his hand on me, and I was very happy.

When I woke up, I told my mom and gave her assurance that she was already healed. Truly, those few words of encouragement and dream lifted up her faith for her own healing.

Praise be our God, she is completely healed. Truly, God has His own way of testing His children. And He always provided way for us to escape such trials and temptations and sickness that come our way.

Your sister in Philippines,


I am a sister from South Africa in Limpopo province. I am convinced that we serve a miracle working God. Myself, I’ve had three miscarriages, and I decided that it’s enough. The last one happened on the 10th of April, 2008. Then a week later we went to see our doctor. She was so surprised at what happened, because a week earlier she said there is nothing and the second check, the baby was three months along. We serve a miracle working God.

Washing Machine

My testimony is that I prayed to God and gave tithes, and He kept His faithful Word by giving me a good paying job. He knew my heart’s desires and gave them to me, so I could be able to feed, clothe, pay school fees, buy a car for transport, and have joy in my heart. I’ve seen His hand working in my life every day. One day I just bought a washing machine, but it quit working. I laid my hand on it and prayed to my Father that He was my only hope in my distress. It started working and still works today. He’s given me His Word that “He’ll neither abandon nor fail,” and He’s never done that!

He has healed from the evil ones’ clutches of depression, insomnia, and bladder. He has given me peace of mind and joy that I’ve never experienced in my life when I was without Him. Daily I see His hand upon my life because I believe in His Word. I take what the Holy Spirit shows me in the Bible and make it mine. My faith touches Him and blessings are showered on me daily. I love the Lord and can’t be without Him in my life. He’s my trust, hope, and joy.

His blessings are countless. Glory to Him, I give the praise to Him completely. I always know that His Word tells me that He’s near us, not far. He sees our struggles and lifts us up to conquer them. He’s my Rock there’s no other.

A sister from South Africa


I wanted to witness that a few months ago I was hearing a Message, and the prophet of God mentioned those who were deaf to put your finger in your ear. I was very hard of hearing in my right ear all my life. That evening I fell asleep while listening to Gospel music and when I woke up, it was loud!

I knew God had healed me. I know He’s with me and watches over me. Even though I suffer greatly from other ailments, God will answer prayer, for He’s an On-Time-God.

Cancer of the uterus

I am a brother with a congregation in Zomba, Malawi. I thought I would share with you this testimony.

About two years ago one young minister from our congregation came across a woman who had been diagnosed with cancer in the uterus, and she was expecting a baby in the very rural settings of Zomba. The brother shared the prophet’s Message with her, and she believed, repented, and was baptized in the Name of our Lord Jesus. She delivered through cesarean operation, and it was even then confirmed that she still had cancer.

After the birth of the child, Benjamin, she started getting worse until sometimes she would pass out. One day while so ill, the young minister brother was visiting her home. That day, from a sick mat, thin as a skeleton, she said she would soon manage to ride a bike. And as simple as that, there she went riding that bike! That was her healing. For the next two years she testified in church and whenever there was opportunity about her healing. She rode a bicycle with her baby for kilometers to meetings and she always testified.

Easter Monday this year the Lord took her home after briefly suffering from malaria. We buried this testimony on Tuesday, April 14th. And even her funeral service was, and is, still a testimony. It reminded me of some words from Brother Branham of a certain sister who was uremic with a dead baby in the womb. God healed her after she repented and then took her home. (God Doesn’t Call A Man To Judgment Without First Warning Him, 63-0724)

Source: Voice of God Recordings

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