Testimonies #2

Here are a few more “Faith Builders.”

Blindness and sickness

A few months ago we baptized a sister. She was a mother of one child and she was poorly, many things wrong in her body. As a result of her sickness, she was almost loosing her sight. Her eyes were cloudy to the effect that her vision was becoming impaired. My wife testified to her and told her of the good news of the Message of the hour, that we now have the correct interpretation of the Word of God with Divine vindication and commissioned by an Angel of God.

She received and believed the Message of the hour and started acting upon it. The moment she believed and started feasting on the messages on MP3 sets, she started getting better and sleeping soundly. This month she went back to the doctor for a medical check up and the doctor told her that she was in perfect health. All the previous disease was gone. She is now able to read the Spoken Word and metro newspapers on the bus. She is now looking for a job. To God be the glory! We are just so happy and rejoicing that the blood of Jesus Christ has never lost its power. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen.

Receiving the Holy Spirit

My husband decided this year to let me and my oldest three girls to come to the Easter meetings for “momma-daughter time,” and he stayed home with our youngest. He was a little disappointed but I knew and I prayed that the Lord would give him a very special blessing for his sacrifice. This is his testimony of how the Lord blessed him.

In our home, we have a stereo system with speakers all through the house. We have the entire Table loaded in our dvd/mp3 player. We usually have the Message playing every night when we sleep, but this particular night we had forgotten and the DVD player was set for DVD and not MP3. Early that morning, I was awakened with Brother Branham speaking, and the volume was so high that I jumped straight up. I thought my husband had awakened and turned it on, but he hadn’t. Everyone was asleep. It was the message preached, 63-0412E – God Hiding Himself In Simplicity.

That is the second message on disc 8. It is impossible for our system to go from DVD to playing mp3s, much less the 2nd message; it would have at least played the first! We listened to that message over and over again, and we were extremely blessed, but praise the Lord, I felt led to play that message again yesterday evening. Toward the very end of the message, my husband came in and began listening.

When Brother Branham was calling for anyone to receive the Holy Ghost, my husband raised his hands and began praying for the Holy Ghost. Brother Branham said that there had been four people receive it, and my husband kept praying…let Brother Branham say that one more has received It and I will believe that it is for me….In just a little bit…Brother Branham called for more to receive the Holy Ghost…MY HUSBAND RECEIVED THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY GHOST! He came into the room where I was just crying his eyes out and praising God! We just stood there crying and holding each other and thanking God. It was beautiful. The blessings from this Easter meeting spilled over all the way to Georgia, to somebody who made a great sacrifice, but in return received the Sacrifice of all Eternity! Thank you Brother Joseph and everyone there that worked so hard for the meetings. There is one more soul you can add as a jewel in your crowns, and we will meet you again either here or over there! Hallelujah!

Please feel free to use this testimony if you feel that it might bring blessings. We are shouting it to the World! God Bless You

Jesus Checks

It’s been on my heart for many years to be able to help support the VGR with tithes and offerings, and the Lord made a way for me to do this. The more that I could give to the Lord, the more He made it possible. I am not a very financial person but the Lord gave me a wonderful job and a good wage, so that I might give to this work that I believe is His work. However, the new manager at my work gave me a horrid time for about four weeks, blaming me for things I did not do, and causing me to have many a sleepless night, until I realized it was the devil behind it all. The enemy also attacked me by reducing my pay. When the check was written, I had peace in my heart from that time. God turned things around almost instantly with my sector of work, prospering above my peers and my pay restored to more than it was before the manager tried to reduce it. I thank the Lord for trial, the victory, and the blessing.

God richly bless you

You Are Never Too Old

We were Buddhist background. The Lord called us in 1992 to this end time Message. Even my parents were baptized in the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ the next year after us. The Lord’s promise is faithful. My parents-in-law were baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ too, about a year ago. The Lord had healed my mother-in-law’s leg pain which she had been suffering for many years before the baptism. She never owned a skirt in her entire life, but thank God that she is keeping her hair and wearing skirts at the age of eighty. Praise the Name of Jesus. This testimony is for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ

After reading all these testimonies, I realized that we all have a testimony, each and every one of us that has come unto Jesus our Good Shepherd, for we were all lost but now are found.

This is my testimony.

When I was about 19 (25 years ago) I gave my heart to the Lord, and attended a Pentecostal church. We moved around a lot, and after a while I became back-slidden.

During this time I managed to attend a church a few times, and I know somewhere deep inside God was calling.

We then moved to Australia about five years ago. Last year was the worst year of my life, physically speaking, but the best in the spiritual realm. I got really sick after a course of antibiotics, and no one could tell me what was actually wrong. I went for numerous tests and everything seemed fine; they were clear.

I could not eat, as I had no appetite. I felt nauseous every single day and night for almost 4 months. I could not sleep. I had diarrhea. I had this slight flu-like temperature that would not go away. I lost over 10kg (22 lbs) in a matter of weeks. I had to force myself to eat. I felt like I was wasting away.

To top it all, my dear brother died in a horrific car accident back in South Africa. He and three others were killed when the cars erupted in flames. I could not even attend the funeral, because I was so sick. I felt like Job in the Old Testament. I was so utterly engulfed in grief and depression, and thought I too would die.

I repented of all my sin and gave my life back to the Lord then. I started to read a printout copy of Brother Branham’s life and miracles. All this time my mother and aunt were praying for me, although grieved themselves.

I eventually took that piece of paper that my mother had given me two years ago with the pastor’s telephone number, and started to attend a Message church here in Perth. In a matter of a few weeks, I was healed; a full recovery. I was re-baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ and have never in my life followed the call of Jesus as I have today. My life is totally changed, thanks to this end time Message of this wonderful prophet sent by God. I believe this Message with all my heart. Thank you so much Lord Jesus, that You are the Good Shepherd. I was a lost sheep, and You never gave up on me. You brought me back to the fold. (St John, chapter 10 ).

In sickness and in health, will I serve my Lord forevermore, because nothing, even our trials and sufferings on this earth, can be compared to God’s Glory and what He has in store for us.

Come soon Lord Jesus.

Source: Voice of God Recordings

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