The Search Comes To An End

Brother Horace Slay pastors a church in Panama City, Florida. He has been actively working in the prison ministry for years, and routinely works with VGR to send Message material to different penitentiaries. He received the following letter from a brother in prison.

Dear Pastor Slay,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus, and His prophet, William Branham.

This past week, not knowing why I was post-poned on my court proceedings, until now, I met a young black man who is passing through. We crossed paths, and he found the Message he has always looked for. He told me that he could not accept denominations. I knew who he is already.

He shared with me how he heard about a white prophet that visited Africa and demonstrated the power of God, but never heard no more or didn’t even know his name. Our conversation began with a newspaper article on the table here, about the Egyptian mummies. I said, “I got a book that tells some about ancient Egypt, ‘Two Babylon’s.’” Well that started a wonderful fellowship. When he saw the picture of our Lord Jesus above the head of our prophet, Brother Branham, he said, “What is that?” I said, “That’s God’s prophet,” and I showed him the letter that Brother Joseph sent with it. He was so excited. But not until I gave him the book “A Prophet Visits South Africa,” did he say, “That’s him, the prophet. I’ve been looking for this prophet.”

Our Lord is still calling! I gave him a few books, “A Man Sent From God,” and a few other messages. He was so excited. We had a discussion about the Name of Jesus Christ and baptism. He told me that he has been waiting to get baptized in the Name of our Lord Jesus. I gave him your name and address and told him to write you at this camp upon arrival, that Pastor Slay, my good friend would baptize him. The camp is closer to you than here.

I get so excited when I see one receive the Message. They are so far and few between. Lots of times I get discouraged when I see Brother Branham rejected, called a devil, woman hater, etc, but oh the joy of seeing one sent from God received, and his reward. My soul gets so blessed that it is worth it all. I always remember, “No one can come to the Son unless the Father draws him. All that the Father has given will come!” They are still coming.

Today, people have seen a cloud rise out of the west, but still do not discern THIS TIME!

I thank our Lord Jesus for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, and hear God’s Voice. We know that those that hear God’s Voice are of God. Jesus said so, that’s good enough for me.

I will be here for about a week or so. Perhaps if you write me quickly, I will still be here.

Time has got to be almost over.

Much love in Christ,
Brother Matthew

Source: Voice of God Recordings

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